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“No Home” by Trav B Ryan is a song inspired by the hit show The Mandalorian. It tackles the subject of abandoning your beliefs and your code, to find yourself. It touches on the topics of destruction and growth, all wrapped in an inspirational and emotional sound. The song released on Feb 25th on Spotify and all other streaming platforms. Trav believes it is a great song for anyone changing their life from a dark past or a broken home like himself.

Trav B Ryan grew up in Brooklyn, NY in a single parent household with his brother in prison for life and his stepfather murdered when he was 13. He grew up the third out of 4 children. His real dad abandoned them for another family and later on ended up being deported to Haiti.

Trav kept to himself mostly. Barely having any friends, He kept his head in a comic book or fixed in front of a TV watching animated superheroes prevail over a common foe. He envied having a super power to make him special. Something that would make him a hero in his own little world.

So Trav B Ryan began to write. It helped him fight his pain, depression, and anxiety. He wrote song after song until those four walls in his mom’s one bedroom apartment turned into a rocket ship to the moon, and Trav turned into the super powered Captain.

In a blink of an eye he is now a major artist and major influencer in the hip hop and so called “nerd” culture with features on MSNBC,, Time Magazine, Complex, Entertainment Weekly, and News12 Brooklyn. However for Trav B Ryan, this is just the beginning of his epic saga. His powers are still in its infancy.



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