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Troy Lindsey is an emotional singer-songwriter who had been influenced heavily by the world around him. Fusing country and rock with his love of telling stories through song, he’s released a handful of albums since 2009, and is currently working on a follow up to 2014’s Leap Sound selected Cold Emotion.

Finding inspiration in one place isn’t rare, but the gift of travel can open up the creative doors to an endless amount of possibilities. Singer-songwriter Troy Lindsey has been lucky enough to land a day job that allows him to see the world, but when he’s not clocked in working on Sikorsky skycranes, he’s making music with emotion at the core.

Anything can be a trigger, whether it’s the way the sky turns orange, a hotel room in Japan or firefighting down under, Lindsey has seen it all and has been triggered by those and more as he works on his upcoming sixth album.

Troy Lindsey has been lucky enough to travel the world thanks to his day job and through that and his other adventures – he’s been moved emotionally to write about his escapades and put them to song. Most of which can be found on his previous five albums, as well as on his upcoming release.

Troy Lindsey is on radio rotation with the track “One Drop”.


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