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Vassilis is a singer/songwriter originally hailing from Athens, Greece, and currently based in Manchester, UK. In recent months, having put his function band activity on hold due to the current global pandemic, Vassilis has decided to pull some of his older, unreleased demo songs out of the vault and present them in a more polished way to the world.

Starting in late 2020 with his first two releases, “A Quest for Long Lost Memories” and ‘Better Days Are Here’, both available now on all major digital platforms, Vassilis is planning on releasing some more singles in the upcoming months to showcase his ability to write memorable melodies and to deliver them vocally with a warm, evocative and unpretentious voice.

His sound, ranging from indie folk to rock to dream pop, can perhaps be described as a blend of guitar-driven pop music distinguished by melodic elements, such as vocal harmonies, atmospheric keys and reverberating guitars.

Vassilis is on radio rotation with the track “Better Days Are Here”.

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