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The German Stoner/Doom band Vast Pyre is set to make waves in the heavy music scene with the announcement of their signing with Octopus Rising, a subsidiary of Argonauta Records, to release their highly anticipated debut full-length album. This partnership marks a significant milestone for the band, and they couldn’t be more excited.

“Folks, we’re super stoked to unbolt the crate and ignite our very first outcome in cooperation with ARGONAUTA/OCTOPUS RISING. It’s great news to have found a partner with whom we feel in good hands. We’re looking forward to the future as a band and the partnership as well. BEHOLD THE NIGHTTIME,” the band commented enthusiastically about the signing.

In conjunction with this exciting news, Vast Pyre has also dropped a new single titled “Focus Deceased,” which is now available on YouTube. This track serves as a powerful teaser for the upcoming album, showcasing the band’s heavy riffs and dark, atmospheric soundscapes. Fans can listen to the new single here

The origins of Vast Pyre trace back to the end of 2021, when Försti (guitar) and Wally (drums, vocals) began jamming together. Inspired by iconic Stoner/Doom bands like Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, and Sleep, the duo set out to create music that would capture the genre’s essence while adding their unique twist. Their initial sessions were a mix of cover tunes and experimenting with their own ideas, which led to the development of their signature sound.

During their early days, Försti and Wally realized the importance of a robust, low-end-heavy sound. They gradually expanded their equipment in the rehearsal room, focusing on enhancing the depth and richness of their guitar tones. This deliberate choice led them to forego a bass guitar entirely, opting instead to create a “guitar-only” sound that set them apart from their peers.

By the end of 2022, Jonny joined the band as the lead guitarist, adding new layers and complexities to their music. With Jonny on board, Vast Pyre’s songs underwent a process of rearrangement and refinement, further honing their distinctive style. The trio’s chemistry was undeniable, and their collaborative efforts began to bear fruit.

August 2023 marked a significant moment for Vast Pyre as they made their live debut at the “Burgbrand Open Air” festival. Sharing the stage with established bands like EREMIT and INDIAN NIGHTMARE, Vast Pyre delivered a powerful performance that left a lasting impression on the festival’s attendees. This concert was their only live appearance of the year, as they decided to focus on perfecting their debut album.

From November 2023 to February 2024, Vast Pyre dedicated themselves to the recording and mixing process, ensuring that their debut album would be a true reflection of their artistic vision. The band’s meticulous approach to crafting their music paid off, resulting in an album that promises to be a standout release in the Stoner/Doom genre.

With their debut album on the horizon and a promising partnership with Octopus Rising, Vast Pyre is poised to make a significant impact on the Stoner/Doom music scene. Fans are eagerly awaiting the album’s release, anticipating the dark, heavy, and atmospheric sounds that Vast Pyre is known for.

As they look to the future, Vast Pyre is excited about the journey ahead. The band’s passion for their music and dedication to their craft are evident in every note they play. With a debut album set to make waves and a new single already generating buzz, Vast Pyre is ready to take the Stoner/Doom scene by storm.

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