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Victoryaz is an enigmatic avant-garde neo-soul artist from Germany. She has rapidly emerged as one of the biggest talents in her homeland, with her husky voice and genuine, down-to-earth character. Her single ‘PACE’ has garnered nearly 500,000 streams on Spotify alone, and she is currently on the verge of her most exciting body of work to date.

Victoryaz’s seamlessly blends contemporary hip-hop beats with an irresistible pop sensibility, captivating audiences and elevating her performances to grand stages. ‘BED,’ Victoryaz’s latest EP, showcases her artistic evolution. Produced by Joe Gehring, known for his work with artists such as K.I.Z., Kummer, Felly, Nura, this EP is a testament to her creative prowess.

Credit: Thess Riva

She is currently hard at work on her debut album, where she takes on the role of producer herself. This ambitious undertaking promises to be a pure reflection of her artistry, an unfiltered showcase for Victoryaz to take full creative reigns and control.

‘Good Luck,’ is Victoryaz new single, and is a dreamy yet punchy alt R&B track that hooks you in from the first note. Victoryaz showcases her full vocal range, layering harmonies over a trap-infused beat, creating a mesmerising blend of R&B-infused pop.

Victoryaz reveals, “I started writing ‘Good Luck’ in 2018 about the first guy I ever fell in love with and finished it this year. I could feel that I still hold a lot of what he did against him. This song, to me, is pure gratification, knowing that he will never find someone better than me.”

With her distinctive sound, ‘Good Luck’ is a testament to Victoryaz’s ability to seamlessly blend popular genres, creating a soulful and contemporary sound reminiscent of artists like Olivia Dean, Izzy Bizu, and Jesse Reyez. It exudes confidence and a soothing vibe, reflecting the essence of Victoryaz as an artist to connect with and invest in. ‘Good Luck’ is a glimpse into Victoryaz’s promising craft, set to redefine the boundaries of modern neo-soul.

Good Luck is OUT NOW

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