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“Proved Me Wrong” is the third song and fourth single by (formerly Snakedoctors). It was produced in the Osso studio in Gdańsk by Dawid Gorgolewski. An alternative version of this song was also created, which will be included in one of the next singles. It was mixed by Chris Rakestraw, who produced last two albums of Megadeth and previously worked with, among many with Deftones and Danzig. It’s a song about failures in relationships, about how lies and false hopes lead nowhere. Especially when there are too many people willing to do the same thing at the same time. It is a classic song whose style fits genres of hard rock, nu metal and post-grunge. What distinguishes it from other songs of the band is the combination of different musical styles – from piano in the intro to heavy guitar sounds in the main part of the song. This is another song that promotes band’s upcoming album.

About is a music project created by two members of disbanded now Polish band Snakedoctors. The band has finished work on its first album and is already working on the next one. Songs for the album were recorded with Darryll Nutt, US based drummer who worked with members of famous bands and famous artists (including AC/DC and Goo Goo Dolls). The band will tour in Poland with the band’s friend Sławek Papis on drums. As was the case with Snakedoctors, famous guests took part in the production of the album, including musicians and producer. These included, among others: Chris Rakestraw, who recorded the last two Megadeth albums, Marshall Gallagher, producer and leader of the band Teenage Wrist, one of the members of the band Catch Your Breath, and Dave Dominguez, who worked previously with Papa Roach, Staind and Guns’N’Roses. play hard rock with a slight touch of new metal. This direction was already defined by the last Snakedoctors album (“Waiting”). The band focuses primarily on the melodic aspects of songs. The album will be released in early 2024 on Case Studio label.


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