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In the bustling heart of Manhattan, NYC, the vibrant spirit of yannick-robin mirko thrives as a two-spirit [they/he] multidisciplinary artist and activist, weaving a tapestry of resilience, creativity, and advocacy. Possessing an unwavering passion for music, yannick-robin’s journey began at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, laying the foundation for an extraordinary career that transcends conventional boundaries.

Beyond the realms of music, yannick-robin emerges as a compelling force for change. In 2020, a pivotal year, their path intersected with Imara Jones, a luminary listed among TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2023 and the visionary owner of TransLash Media. This collaboration marked the genesis of yannick-robin’s impactful career as a contributing writer, editor, and digital strategist, dedicating their talents to amplify trans stories and save trans lives.

As an associate and digital producer for the TransLash Podcast, yannick-robin mirko earned a prestigious Webby Award nomination, showcasing their prowess in the digital realm. Their involvement in “The Anti-Trans Hate Machine: A Plot Against Humanity” series, where they served as a producer and meticulous fact checker, demonstrated a commitment to dismantling harmful narratives. Additionally, yannick-robin tenderly crafted obituaries for transgender and gender non-conforming siblings lost to violence in the United States and its Territories, contributing to the vital work of honoring their memory.

Venturing into the realm of publication, yannick-robin mirko lent their voice to TalkDeath, exploring critical issues of racial disparities and discrimination in the death care industry. Their writing focused on Queer and BIPOC end-of-life preparations, advocating for equality in every facet of existence.

Simultaneously, yannick-robin carved out a distinctive space in the world of performance arts as a disability activist. Making history as an Off-Broadway participant in the first TGNC Theatre Festival, they shattered preconceived notions. Notably, they became the first wheelchair user to grace the stages of iconic regional theaters across the United States, catapulting to online fame with the widely recognized #saverickypotts TikTok video, which has amassed an astounding 9 million views and counting.

Never one to rest on laurels, yannick-robin mirko channels their energy into volunteering with the National Organization for Rare Disorders and Diseases. A beacon of hope for those grappling with rare diseases, yannick-robin plays an integral role in the upcoming rebranding of the National Hemophilia Foundation, advocating for a broader inclusivity encompassing rare blood diseases.

For a comprehensive exploration of yannick-robin’s multifaceted talents and advocacy, their online hub at serves as a digital sanctuary. Here, visitors can delve into Rare Disease Daily, peruse an extensive writing portfolio, explore visual art, and immerse themselves in the evocative world of yannick-robin’s music and short films.

In the grand tapestry of the music industry, activism, and performance arts, yannick-robin stands not only as an artist but as a catalyst for change, a beacon of inspiration, and a testament to the transformative power of art and advocacy. yannick-robin mirko is on Jamsphere radio rotation with the track “Ya Es Tiempo.” It’s a Spanish Rock/Punk song (ya es tiempo means “it’s time/get over it”) about when people try to tell you when they think you should be moving on from something, and how the only person who decides when it’s time is you.

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