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Zero Frequency is the musical project of Ian Smith, who has dropped a series of raw, captivating albums, called ‘The Ocean’s End ’. What’s unusual and so unique about Zero Frequency (ZF) is that, while Ian Smith is the sole permanent member, ZF maintains all the trappings and punch of a four or five piece alt-rock outfit. Smith plays guitars, bass, and keyboards, which he loops directly into his Mac with Garageband. But he doesn’t stop there. He invites local musicians and friends to play on the tracks, at times even hiring collaborators online, via AirGigs. All of the songs on ‘The Ocean’s End (Vol. 1)’ feature female vocalists, with the vocals recorded via internet collabs, loops, or live vocals.

What the media had to say about ‘The Ocean’s End (Vol. 1)’:

The Ocean’s End, Vol. 1 is “pure, raw, and lo-fi, but unrelentingly, almost cruelly, superior to all the digitally manipulated tripe being spewed out by the music industry…travels on super-raw grunge-flavored guitars reminiscent of Jack White, simple and overpowering.”Randy Radic, Rawckus Magazine

The music “continues to exploit guitar chaos, picking up a couple of tricks from Joshua Homme circa early Queens Of The Stone Age,” and “has the raging intro of a Stooges B-side.” – Anne Hollister, The Indie Source

“Zero Frequency manages to straggle the line between a gritty lo-fi sound and a full-blown studio production, in such a mesmerizingly unique way that hasn’t been done since The Strokes.”Larry Iaccio

“Everything has a raw grit and soul to it. Over the course of the album they eschew polish for a direct living breathing quality to it. Full of life, these pieces possess a poetry to them. Volume is a must, for they follow in the same fine footsteps of Ty Segall’s messy garage rock revival efforts.”Skope Magazine

“70’s-style rhythm gets a redressing courtesy of a stoner rock tonality.”Sebastian Cole, Gashouse Radio

Zero Frequency is on radio rotation with the tracks – “Black Light Stage” and “Harlot For Days”.


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