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Paolo Virdis is a producer, composer and musician based in Turin, who always loved electro music with a dark and mysterious atmosphere. His music is influenced by bands like Nine Inch Nails, Drexciya, Kraftwerk and reminiscences of Detroit techno and post punk/new wave. His music externalizes the most intimate and not verbally confessable feelings.

Paolo Virdis’ original composition “Rimango Qui” (I Stay Here) bears an intensely deep, broodingly dark quality – drawing listeners headlong into the electro-sonic soundscape that’s been built and introduces them to a disembodied voice that simply states – “I stay here.” The overall effect is starkly mesmerizing and mentally immersive using a bed of thick techno bass and post punk energies to captivate listeners inside the sound.

“Rimango Qui” is a work of passion artistically designed to disconcert while defying listeners to keep still. Fans of dark-tinged Techno and Punk energies will fall instantly for the sound and feel of Paolo Virdis’ “Rimango Qui”, while the experience itself stands to ensnare listeners from any background.

Driving bass and electronic sound-scaping make “Rimango Qui” (I Stay Here) a track that demands movement, daring listeners not to dance in its abounding darkness.

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