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Adil was born in Berchem. At a young age he was always imitating The Jackson 5 with his 3 brothers. His love for music brought him into the top 10 of Idols 2007 at the age of 17. After several years of studying, working and guitar lessons in Barcelona, Adil started with Abdel Kariem Asselman with: Adil & A.K.A. Their music is described as “rhythm & soul”. “What you see is what you get”.

Adil found his own voice and sound in Barcelona with different singer-songwriters. He wants to sing about the energy and power of people. His songs are also soulful, with an impact of r & b and pop. He likes to enter into a dialogue with his audience on the stage until they get goosebumps. Besides the stage, you can catch him often with a cup of tasty coffee that he, as an experienced barista, prefers to make himself.

Adil became known for his participation in the pre-selection of Eurosong 2016, with his song “In Our Nature”. After this adventure he went to London to work on new songs. His demos ended up with Hans Francken, who also produced “Take Me With You”.

Adil is on radio rotation with the track “Should’ve Known Better”.


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