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“aero2graph” is a pseudonym of electronic music composer & producer Mario Rosanda (b.1966, Croatia, Pula) who started creating his music in 2000. His interest in music are focused on the electronic, ambient, synth-pop and new-age genres.

From an early age he was introduced to a variety of art forms, and by profession is a graphic designer-illustrator, as he himself designed and illustrated cover artworks of his albums. His experiments in electro-acoustic music yielded the 2003 album “FREQUENCY” and a year later album “ATMOSPHERIC”. By the time Rosanda released in 2015 his third album “Aero GRAPHIC”.

For the summer 2016 he has released a single in something more vibrant rhythm, which can be assigned in the EDM genre of music, named “Hard Light”.  For the summer 2018 he has released a three singles, which can also be assigned in the EDM genre of music, named “Acoustic Energy”, “Love Forest” and “Rainbow Paradise”.

With the fusion of vintage analogue synthesizers and cutting-edge digital technology he try to connect the frequency and vibration of the physical world with spiritual one, on the organic and scientific manner. He deeply believes in music as a pleasure, but also a mental therapy for today’s sick society. He tries his music listeners to take in the distant imaginary world.

aero2graph uses mainly the following instruments: EMINENT 310U, MOOG Mother 32, ARP Odyssey, DOEPFER Dark Time, ROLAND PRO-E, MOOG MF-108M Cluster Flux, MOOG MF-102 ring modulator & Virtual Studio Technology instruments (VSTi): A.R.P. 2600 V2 SYNTHESIZER, XILS 3 SYNTHESIZER, OBERHEIM SEM V SYNTHESIZER, MOOG MODULAR, MELLOTRON, ALCHEMY…

aero2graph is on radio rotation with the tracks: “Love Forest” and “Rainbow Paradise”.

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