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The reason why A:M is doing what he does today is because he is not been afraid to do things differently. The UK producer takes us on a 5 track journey that runs the gauntlet of chillwave, ambient, and trip hop, with a jazzy and soulful flavors blended in. The fact that it exists at all is testament to A:M’s perseverance, raw talent, and prophetic direction with which he steers The album “A:M Instrumentals” and the EP “A:M Instrumentals Vol. 1”, to the richest musical waters; plucking out those worth bringing along on his musical voyage and creating recordings greater than the sum of their parts.

The number of stones A:M leaves unturned is negligible and the amount of emotion coursing through the album’s veins is immeasurable. A:M doesn’t play well in the grey area, because he understands that to be grey is to compromise.

Sometimes, it’s easy to get so caught up in what the tracks on these records are trying to say that we accidentally forget how A:Msays it. For as remarkable and poignant as his message may be, his musical vocabulary is a weapon of an altogether more formidable grade.

Musicianship goes a long way, but it’s awe-inspiring to watch someone like A:M – who both understands and revels in the type of melodic capriciousness that makes soulful and jazzy music so appealing—work his magic in countless different iterations. In a word, both the album “A:M Instrumentals”, and the EP “A:M Instrumentals Vol. 1” are ear-worms. They are linear and smooth, but certainly not boring. They make for an incredibly pleasant sonic ride.

To accomplish that traveling transcendence, A:M implements the tricks of handfuls of different musical languages. Sometimes it’s the ecstatic energy and swing of his groove, and at other times the slow sway of astral ambient sounds. Sections of the albums verge on the mystical while others pulse with the visceral, ranging in chillout styles.

A:M is on radio rotation with the tracks “Hand Clap” and “2 Sides”

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A:M Instrumentals Vol 1 – EP by .A.M

A:M Instrumentals by .A.M

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