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Singer-Songwriter Ami-Claire releases her latest single ‘River Of Life’. Created by Ami-Claire in collaboration with Cardiff artist Joe Pope and produced by Gaby Ebbens. ‘River Of Life’ is a Pop Ballad/Classical crossover that centres around themes of the Universe, Law of Attraction and positivity. As Ami-Claire puts it, “the lyrics are relatable to life as we will all climb mountains and sail rough seas to get to where we want to be”. This song is backed by a soothing piano, melody and stringed arrangements that frame Ami-Claire’s ethereal voice.

Hailing from Wales, the Cardiff artist is described as an arresting crossover of Hayley Westenra, Eva Cassidy and Leona Lewis, although very much still having her own sound. Ami-Claire has been writing for the early part of her career, along with DJ-ing on SW20 Radio, and these experiences have allowed her to add new depth and a gentle quality to her music,  while staunchly unafraid to boldly go forth in her music and storytelling.

As Ami-Claire continues to emerge, her music and storytelling continues to bloom. She hopes that her music continues to help her develop on a personal level and inspires the next generation of artists. Ami-Claire is on radio rotation with the track “River of Life”.

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