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Apricity is an alternative rock singer, born in Scotland, and now living in Puslinch, Ontario. “I am a proud Canadian artist and will always endeavor to represent Canada on the world stage in the best way I can,” exclaims the artist, who takes her moniker from an old English word meaning “basking in the warmth of the winter sun”. “All My Lies” is the first single from Apricity’s upcoming EP, which will be released in the spring of 2021. For the recording, Apricity teamed up with platinum awarded and Juno nominated producer, writer, multi-instrumentalist and tracking engineer, Thomas McKay.

Right from the opening notes of “All My Lies”, it is clear that Apricity has one of the most genre ranged voices in music today. Her work is consistently refined, powerful and conveying of her emotions. Written by Keith Varon, “All My Lies” is an irresistibly arresting assortment of inspirational instrumentation, soaring vocals and a mysteriously dark romantic theme.

“As I lay here like a ghost. In your arms I’m shivering cold. Cause you can’t make me open up. And I won’t leave you strong enough,” sings Apricity, showcasing a stunningly sonorous serenade across an enticingly driven and dynamic production. The captivating chorus, which rivets with its wonderfully intriguing lyrics:  “Cause I’m the one who leaves you lost in the end. And I’m the one who breaks you again and again. I will never be the girl in your head. Can’t take any more, the more you give me the more I give up. I can’t be, I can’t be your God.”

The result is a mesmerizing mixture of moving melodies and driving rock music that’s sure to impact listeners. The overall vibe on “All My Lies” remains both enchantingly dark and thrillingly vivacious, as it all spurts forward, giving rise to an incredibly emotional ambience.

In an extraordinarily sublime amalgamation of superbly poetic lyrics and magnificently moving music, Apricity delivers a collection of inescapably infectious vocal motifs.

“Thomas (McKay) was tough but in the nicest of ways. He was constantly pushing me to be better, and honestly, that’s exactly what I wanted to get out of this experience,” explains Apricity, discussing the efficacy of her vocal performance on this track. Boldly massive, and gorgeously haunting, “All My Lies” is a song that toes the alternative-rock line with fiercely expansive instrumentation and persuasive, ear-warming melodies.

“All My Lies” sounds like a delicious promise of what is to come from this talented artist, and her production crew, on the upcoming EP. The rhythmic groove and chord progressions, tailor an aura around Apricity’s voice, moving with her and deepening her vocal hues, which are both penetrating and intense. Apricity’s curvaceous vocal cords gives the song charm, resonance and a subtle mysticism.

“All My Lies” is the ultimate endorsement for an upcoming collection that promises to be magical and moving, entrancingly written, performed and produced, as well as a superb testimony of Apricity’s impressive musical journey thus far. Everything about Apricity and her work ethic, is top notch. You’ll easily fall in love with her, and her music.


The accompanying music video for “All My Lies” was filmed at Milton’s Country Heritage Park, a location that recreates rural life in 19th century Ontario. Scenes for the video were filmed at The Lucas Family Homestead, a reportedly haunted building constructed in the 1830s, while other scenes were shot at The Mayne Corners United Church, which was built in the 1870s.

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