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George Do is the artist behind the project “Astralastra”, based in Tbilisi, Georgia. “Astralastra” is a throwback retrowave project, inspired by bands like “Joy Division”, “Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds”, “H.I.M.”, “Jean Michel Jarre” and many more. First single “Fresh” was released Aug 16, 2022.

The idea of the project was born while George Do was visiting Istanbul and got heavily inspired by the street musicians. He decided to create something that would bring 80-90’s music that he loved so much, to modern aesthetics with a little bit of everything he enjoyed in many other genres.

Currently he is not quite sure about the exact genre to which his music belongs to, since he never was too much into labels. However when he describes it to his friends, he call it “Lovecraftwave” – since his lyrics are based on cosmic horror/kafkaesque noir. Current plans for the project is a full album release in 2023. Astralastra is on radio rotation with the track “Fresh”.

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