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Brody Mullikin, a musician from Daytona Beach, Florida. As a self-taught musician in guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, and more, Brody’s musical journey began at a young age and gained momentum when he suffered through severe separation anxiety and used music as an outlet alongside therapy and medicine to beat it at the age of twelve. Eight years ago after discovering Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of The Moon,” his passion for music became serious. His rock-infused sound carries a captivating funk and groove undertone, captivating listeners with its unique charm.

Brody’s debut album, “Summer Red” released under the name Strange Days in 2020, showcases his talent and can be streamed on various platforms here. He believes in connecting deeply with his audience and giving relatable experiences through his music. This connection through music is also what drives Brody to create more music.

Currently working on a new album, Brody’s first single, “Go On The Run,” offers a taste of the music to come. Having performed with the band Classic Albums Live at various venues in Florida, Brody’s captivating performances have delighted audiences. Brody Mullikin is on radio rotation with the track “Golden Lies.”


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