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The singing queen of beauty, ANGELA, presents her first single in 2024 – “Cold City.” The song is more relevant than ever for those who want to start a new life in the year and leave behind the pains and failures of the past. As the author and performer, ANGELA continues to explore themes dedicated to the breakup and transformation of relationships. The single “Cold City” is a lyrical continuation of the hits “Your Eyes,” “Let Go,” and “Original.”

“We managed to create a true song series. My first single last year, ‘Your Eyes,’ talked about the feelings of love and belief in the best in new relationships. The track ‘Let Go’ touched on the theme of relationship breakdown and reflections associated with realizing that our love has ended, but we don’t have the strength for a breakup yet. Well, the song ‘Original’ tells about the emotions after the end of long relationships,” explained the star.

“Cold City” has a different mood compared to the artist’s previous hits. It is a positive track dedicated to those who are waiting for new love in the coming year and are open to this new experience, despite past pains. “This track is for those who want new emotions, for those who made a wish for love under the chimes on New Year’s,” said ANGELA.

The song has a clear message, important for anyone who started the year with a reassessment of the past: “You need to let go of those who don’t hold on. You don’t need to hold onto the past, which only makes it painful and doesn’t allow you to move forward,” explained the artist.

ANGELA confidently and hopefully entered 2024 because she knows from her own experience that realizing one’s dreams is possible. Last year, the star launched her singing career and received numerous accolades for creativity and work in modeling and charity. She was awarded the “Success of the Year” by Celebrity Award, recognized as the “Singer of the Year” by the Business Assembly, and received the title of “Pride of the Country 2023” from the Millennium media holding. She also participated in the massive global competition Mrs Grand Queen Universe 2023 in Dubai, where she received two prizes.

“I want to convey a message to my audience that the most important thing is that we are ourselves. Love doesn’t need to be sought. Our mission is to learn to love ourselves and become the best version of ourselves,” said the star.



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