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Swedish avant-garde Rock artist Bruno Hibombo releases his latest single ‘How Could You Not See The Light?’ taken from his latest 9-track album ‘Parting Worlds’. Hibombo is known for his unique songwriting style which puts an emphasis on lyrical content.

‘How Could You Not See The Light?’ is a minimalistic track centring around a droning bass and drum-driven beat with Bruno’s vocals running through a vocalizer, juxtaposed with clean harmonies creating an ominous tone. This feeling ties in with the theme of the track, focusing on distrust.

Having released music since 2012, with ‘Parting Worlds’ being his 3rd studio album, Bruno Hibombo is an ardent storyteller with his music. Based in Stockholm, SE, he began his musical path as a solo performer in various bars and clubs.

His first two albums, Battles and Dunes, showcased his ability to craft powerful narratives with his poetic lyricism and theatrical vocals. Now, he continues to push the boundaries with his latest art-rock venture, Parting Words.

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