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Reaching further beyond himself, Samskara Rad extends his creative spirit into a de-individuated space of hyper-love. His latest single ‘Purple Lovers’ encompasses the heavy feelings, high energy and euphoria of a crush that goes deeper. Released with a B-side Drum & Bass remix, ‘Purple Lovers’ is as bold as love. Part dance-punk part indietronica, this song hinges on the balance of fear and excitement that new love elicits. The dopamine rushes as fast at the beat, inciting a celebratory wildness comparable to the opening day of a festival, connected and alive with the shared love of music and dancing.

Speaking further on the track, Samskara Rad says ‘All love requires some bravery to enter into that state of vulnerability and unknowingness; It’s deep and wonderful but no one can explain how it happens’. Co-produced by Kevin Anyaeji (Frank Ocean, Nicki Minaj), Keyz Kartel & Samskara Rad, ‘Purple Lovers’ has body-melting production; enveloping bass, evocative harmony and frenetic rhythms lift Samskara Rad’s psychedelic falsetto into another dimension.

Samskara Rad’s previous singles are a journey of musical discovery as he developed a renewed love of songwriting through contemporary electronic forms. His leading single for 2020, ‘I Can’t Wait’ found its strongest form as a remix by Austin Leeds (Avicii), the electro-house heat and MC Mooks disembodied voice providing a neat segue into 2020 follow up ‘Danger Girl’ which paved a path for the 2021’s foray into Hip Hop with ‘Nite Tide’ and ‘It’s My Isness’.

2022’s Reggae-EDM revival of his 1980’s post-punk song Ghetto of Love further embedding Samskara Rad’s catalogue into the streaming algorithms, casually generating solid numbers across dance, hip hop and reggaeton markets. Samskara Rad is very thankful that he is now getting another chance to make music. “You can’t stop creativity” he says, “It’s in your blood”.

For Fans Of: The Weekend, Travis Scott, 347 Aidan, Rudimental, Hermitude.

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