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On these dreary days of February, as winter gets a full grip, Indie band Castle Finn turns heads from the gloom with the debut single titled, “Shine for Me.” The song visualizes the return of joy after a spell of melancholia while on a day trip with friends. It’s about those special moments and people that make you smile and change your worldview. The new single is wholly self-produced by Patrick Murphy of Castle Finn. The song is slated for release on all major platforms on February 7, 2020.

Castle Finn is an emerging band, led by multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Patrick Murphy. Murphy writes and records each instrument at his home studio outside of Champaign, IL. He derives much of his inspiration from the native landscapes of his family’s farm, which is the namesake of the band. Castle Finn often collaborates with Woven Hollow and Nate Staub. They tour together in Colorado, Illinois, and Iowa.

Press Quotes:
“I like what they have going on. Keep spreading that everlasting love, making us something good to listen to in the early hours of the current season.” –GrungeCake

“There are days when nothing goes. There are days when you find that your life is as boring as the Cesar ceremony. You don’t want anything. Your motivation is close to the IQ of a dead whelk. Your only desire is to lock yourself in a plaid to watch a series that will make you laugh while eating an ice cream (Hashtag CLICHE). Well, in those moments it’s completely time to listen to Castle Finn and our song of the day. To dance with someone on their languorous, loving and slightly psychedelic notes. It’s their first single and you can follow the rest of their adventure.” –anotherwhiskyformisterbukowski

Castle Finn is on radio rotation with the track “Shine For Me”

Castle Finn Videos:
Music Video for ‘Shine for Me’
Live Show- Lot 50 Brewing
Live Show- Glenwoods Springs Beergarden
Nature Performance

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