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Cesca (short for Francesca) was born in Bergen, Norway, started singing those high notes way before she could speak. Her genes come from her Italian father and Norwegian mother. Her father toured around Europe as drummer for several bands, which eventually took him to Norway.

Cesca played various instruments like violin, flute and congas, but decided early as a child that piano was the instrument she liked best. Truly blessed with a vocal blend that is diverse, with strong R&B, Hip-Hop, Classical, Gospel and Jazz influences. Born with an “Old Soul”, Cesca has shaped her original sound into what may, someday, allow her to sit at the same table as the singers who inspired her to work hard and follow her dream: Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner and Patti LaBelle.

Cesca wrote and created most of her songs in her studio in Bergen. “So Beautiful” was a song she got a chance to record in Chicago during several visits to the United States. Recording the vocals at CRC with grammy nominated engineer / producer and Stonecutter Records President Christopher B. Steinmetz, who has worked with artist such as Usher, Madonna and Kiss.

To add emotion to a hot track she created in her studio, Cesca enlisted the services of two masters in the art of sound, Bass Man, “Down Town” Tony Brown & on acoustic guitar “Dallas” Craig McCreary.

Performing at various venues like “The Underground Wonder Bar” in Chicago and “The Apache Café” in Atlanta, GA. She is now back in Bergen, Norway preparing for her next release… get ready for ”Another Masterpiece!”

Cesca is on radio rotation with the tracks “Run” and “Give Me A Break”


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