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Just in time for the 35th anniversary of the band and also on the occasion of their september 2018 Balkan tour, CIRCLE CREEK are offering their first appetizer for the upcoming re-release of the 2013 released album “ANGER” and the long awaited new CD “The World Is On Fire” . Both will be available in all stores very soon. “Past presents Future “combines all the qualities of CIRCLE CREEK as a mixture of Stoner, Hard’n Heavy, Grunge etc. and shows once again that you can not assign the band to a single drawer either in the past or in their new material what simply makes the charm of each song.

Already the Opener “Creatures” awakens with its fast-forward heavy rock and high spirits. Lyrically Circle Creek get it to the point. The thought-provoking mid-tempo number killing factories is a clear admonition, thematically geared to dealing with resources and animal welfare.” D.R.U.G.S” ironically rejects any kind of drug abuse and sounds like a blend of modern heavy metal and traditional hard rock.

The lyrics speak for themselves. With the midtempo rocker Going Nowhere, the situation of hereditary guilt is discussed, from which our protagonist is able to break out. Fast, sometimes moderate, but always energetic, “Past presents Future” is a powerful statement of where and what CIRCLE CREEK stands for in 2018.

Founded in 1983 by the twins Chris and Didier Zirkelbach, CIRCLE CREEK quickly gained national recognition. As support for Status Quo, Scorpions, Blackfoot etc. the band soon got well known in the hard rock and metal scene. Legendary is their appearance at the 1985 event Opus & Friends. In the 1990s, Circle Creek released various demos and EPs with changing lineups, which unfortunately are all out of print today.

After quieter times, the Graz twins returned in 2013, a new beginning and Chris took over from this point the job of the lead singer. The resulting album ANGER as well as the video were mostly received favorably by the press and fans. There followed countless concerts all over Europe. In 2015 Hannes Ritl took over the management of the band

As a result of this collaboration, CIRCLE CREEK signed a long-term record deal with the German label NRT-Records. The foundation for this cooperation was laid by the single “Going Nowhere” 2018, a new take on the classic.

Orpheus Blade frontwoman Adi Bitran can be heard here as a special guest. Preparing for the upcoming album “The World Is On Fire” and a re-issue of “Anger”, NRT-Records publishes the EP “Past presents Future” on time for the 35th anniversary of the band on the 5th of October

CIRCLE CREEK are on radio rotation with the tracks – “Owner Of A Million Souls” and “Going Nowhere”.


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