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Based in Miami USA, Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Dj Rocco began his career as a DJ at the age of 15 years old as a mobile DJ carrying all his lighting and gear to all of his gigs. He was influenced heavily from groups like the Pet Shop Boys, New Order and Depeche Mode at that time.

At the beginning of 1991 he dedicated himself to a very well-known hometown Mobile DJ in Caracas, Venezuela. From there on, clubs throughout Caracas began recognizing him as great DJ with multiple ways to present music through different media.

In 1994, he took on the most famous Club in Caracas called New York, New York, Krokos and others as a resident DJ. With his original sets and sharp techniques on the mixer along with his music selection, all this opened a new area in his career as DJ/Producer. In 2002 he moved to Miami where he began as a guest DJ in different bars/clubs since his arrival.

He is currently focusing all his knowledge and experiences in DJING, together with the production of original themes and remixes, which are soon due for inclusion in the best music electronic portals. DJ Rocco is on radio rotation with the tracks: “This is Miami” and “Tropical Sadness”.

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