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An Italian band with roots in progressive pop-rock that performs in both English and Italian, Eonian was officially established at the beginning of 2020. The band is composed of artists who come from previous musical experiences. Marcello Convertini handles both lead and backing vocals, as well as plays the keyboards and bass. He is originally from Canada and has been involved in various groups in addition to being a solo artist. He has created original and collaborative compositions and musical theater.

Paul Salvatore Ferrarotto is a bilingual singer-songwriter with past life experience in India. He plays acoustic guitar and sings lead and backing vocals. He has diverse artistic experiences, from acting and producing short films to sound engineering. Antonio Valente plays drums and sings lead and backing vocals. Starting as a solo singer with various groups, he gained experience that led him to the world of progressive rock by playing drums with famous artists.

Simone Sassi plays bass and keyboards. He studied piano and played keys and bass with various rock, blues, funk, and disco cover and tribute bands, as well as composing his own original material. He also has experience in the theatrical field. Completing the group is the electric and acoustic guitarist, Ferruccio Rosellini, whose passion for music coexists with the figurative arts as a painter and art teacher.

The band has just released their second album, “Pure as Gold,” following “I Still Believe in You,” and their mandate is to continue communicating positive messages of hope and inner search to their fan base and listeners alike. Recorded in Pisa at the 2emme studio, the project was created, mixed and mastered, by Marco Bianchi Bandinelli. Additional engineering was done at Paul Salvatore Ferrarotto’s SpiritSound studio.

The album is an artistic departure from their first, blending classic rock and easy-to-listen bilingual music with more than one advantage while still maintaining its roots in pop, rock, and progressive styles. Eonian is on radio rotation with their Italian single entitled, “E Cerco Te.”


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