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Vocal powerhouse Lisa Ramey caught the attention of millions following her stint on The US Voice, where she performed on the team of John Legend. Exuding soul-infused fervour in every delivery, superbly countered by her signature rock n’ roll edge that unequivocally captures her roots; the St Louis born, New York-based vocalist has recently returned to the spotlight to take her soulful rock artistry to the next level. Following the release of unplugged, gospel stormer ‘Certainly Lord’, country blues track ‘Jesus Is My Only Friend’, and powerful nod to Black History Month ‘Keep Your Lamps’, Ramey now returns with a welcome addition of hope and joy with ‘You Know’.

With a growing catalogue of gospel, rock and R&B infused productions, Lisa Ramey’s limitless and creative mentality is reflected in her discography, as she effortlessly floats between genres with unmatched versatility. Blending styles to create her own distinctive sound, her productions are scattered with nods to greats who have gone before her. As she harnesses her unique talent for re-awakening forgotten voices, she showcases her very own refreshed perspective.

Ramey’s latest offering sees the artist lean into her softer, silvery sonic side, as she floats effortlessly above unhurried guitar riffs and exercises a free flow of notes. Representative of her artistic evolution of the course of her single releases, Ramey continues to utilise her unique vocal timbre, yet now with a new-found hope and positivity shining through.

As sweet, mellow keys surround Ramey’s versatile vocal, unique additions of the organ and unhurried drum patterns support the composition, while the multi-talented artist continues to discover a pure means of translating and understanding her experiences. By fusing an acoustic approach with the perfect melodic instrumentation and seamlessly integrating the two, Ramey’s latest offering lends itself to an introspective listening experience that envelopes its listener in an ambient, reflective moment.

As ‘You Know’ leads the listener on an odyssey of sonic goodness, this offering continues to support Ramey’s lionhearted approach to her creations as she builds a superbly varied body of work. With one foot in historic music traditions and another boldly stepping into the future, the old soul continues to break boundaries while effortlessly wrapping listeners up in a whirlwind of full-bodied, rich tones – a result completely tantalising to any well-versed music lover. Lisa Ramey is on radio rotation with the track “You Know”.

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