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Esquille is a DJ – Songwriter – Producer – Remixer – Sound and Mastering engineer from Sweden. What marks Esquille out from many other DJs and Producers, is that, after thirty years in the music business, he is still delivering the goods, he is still delivering dance hits, and pop hits, with the same energy, and with, I believe, an even greater passion and commitment to his craft, and to his audience, than at any time in his career. His sound is unique; it is contemporary; and it is a sound which is loved on every dance floor around the world.

Esquille began his music career in earnest at an early age, when, his parents having recognized his exceptional gift for music, enrolled him in the prestigious Adolf Fredrik’s Music Classes in Stockholm. There, he was classically trained, but soon developed an interest in synth programming. He formed his own synth band during his time at AFMC, and since his musical idols then were 80’s funk players, American soul artists, and, the disco kings from Italy, his first compositions were a mix between Italo Disco and Soul.

Esquille’s productions have been in the charts of over 20 countries -from Asia, to Europe, to the US. He is featured in numerous compilation albums, singles, and even album releases. One of his productions placed on the Japanese Top 30 album chart and stayed there for several weeks.

Esquille is on radio rotation with the track “Dancing On The Sun”.  EsQuille Feat. Bruno Alexander’s “Dancing On The Sun” is a fun track with a driven Eurodisco beat that is lyrical as well as flowing. It’s a track perfect for the summertime to dance to, or to listen by a dancing aside a campfire by the ocean! Either way, it is a HOT TRACK!


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