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Exit To Eden’s new Goth ‘N’ Roll extended player recounts their tales of love, depression and other nightmares. Four years after their last long-player ‘Exit To Eden II’, the Goth ‘N’ Rollers consisting of the lead singer Bernie Pfeiffer, guitarist David Guger, drummer Werner Svaricek and the bassist David Marzio follow up with their fourth studio record ‘Love And Other Nightmares’, which will be released by NRT- Records on the 17th of January 2020. The album revolves around themes such as the paradox phenomenon of a love- hate relationship (Love At First Hate), depressions and despair (Without That Pain) as well as the yearning for a loved one (E.M.S). The stylistic fusion of Gothic Rock, Rock ‘N’ Roll and Death Rock was produced and mastered by Stephan Sutor and Philipp Racz, as well as visually embodied by the tattoo artist Anastasia Grichina, who created each and every artwork of the album.

After their founding in 2002, the band experienced a second wind in 2009 and laid the foundation for their success by releasing their first 3 track EP ‘Sarah’ and its accompanying music video in September 2009. Their first EP opened the gates for Exit To Eden to perform at various events and club- gigs which allowed the band to quickly make a name for themselves in the Austrian gothic scene. As early as January 2010, Exit To Eden’s success was followed by the release of ‘From The Other Side’, their first long-player.

After the following odyssey of concerts and various line-up swaps, the singer Bernie Pfeiffer joined the band, which whom Exit To Eden recorded and released their second album ‘Exit To Eden II’ on the 25th September 2015, which was simultaneously introduced at a live event. Exit To Eden performed on the first iteration of the Schattenwelt festival in November 2015 and shared the stage of various other events with acts such as Tanzwut, Combichrist or New Model Army.

In early 2018 Exit To Eden finally completed their line-up with bassist David Marzio. In the same year, the four Goth ‘N’ Roller’s recorded their new creations, which will be available on the soon to be released mini-album ‘Love And Other Nightmares’. While looking for a label, the final version of the EP ended up at the independent south-german label NRT- Records, the label which Exit To Eden chooses to sign a record deal in January 2019. the business partners sealed their deal with the release of the single ‘Love At First Hate’ and its accompanying music video on the 22nd of March 2019. In late

September Exit To Eden released the second teaser of ‘Love And Other Nightmare’ with the single ‘Without That Pain’ and its accompanying music video. Without That Pain’s music video, produced by RECUT.FILMS with Fabian Farthofer and Nicole Sziesz taking reign of the directing, production and cut, portrays the song’s atmosphere in a spectacular way. Exit To Eden managed to acquire the Austrian actress, singer and dancer Victoria Rottensteiner for the leading female role, who could be last seen as ‘Clementine d’ Orléans’ at the Orcus stage play.

On the 8th of November 2019, Exit To Eden provided their audience with another teaser of the upcoming release ‘Love And Other Nightmares’ live on the stage of the Schattenwelt Festival. Exit To Eden plays honest and relentless Goth-Rock, a type of music which fans of The Cure, Bauhaus or The 69 Eye will most likely find themselves at home. Fans of the darker kind of rock music should not forget the 17th of January 2020, the day Exit To Eden’s new mini-album was released on CD and digitally.

Exit to Eden are on radio rotation with their entire mini-album “Love And Other Nightmares”.


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