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After securing Nialler 9’s number 1 ‘Irish artist of the week’, Felix Maya returns from the wilderness with his new single; “Horror Love”, a reverent and macabre new direction into alternative folk, dripping in authenticity and emotion. It is out on Friday May 13th 2022. Felix Maya crafts alternative folk with strong pop sensibilities, cloaked with a reverent macabre streak. Inspired by heroes such as Lord Huron, the National and Hozier.

The band has grown out from lead singer Joe Kenny’s solo act and has now welcomed in friends, Geoff Higginson (double bass), Chris Gutteridge (drums) and Connor Brooks (multi-instrumentalist). The band also frequently welcomes string and brass musicians on stage. Born in the UK but raised in Southern Ireland, Kenny’s authentic writing style tends to dodge political or social commentary and instead focuses on personal truths, taken from the highs and lows of his own experiences on planet earth. This gives the music an intimacy that is not lost when combined with strong pop craft and upbeat folk orchestrations. “The goal is to keep it fun without losing its heart” you will often hear him saying.

The name Felix Maya was born on Kenny’s 1600km pilgrimage around the south coast of Spain. He was caught in a flash thunderstorm over the mountains outside Alicante, miles from anywhere. A Spanish couple called Felix and Maya stopped their car to offer him a lift into the city and a feeling of gratitude towards them still lingers to this day. “In the moment, all I could offer them as a way of saying thank you, was a pomegranate I found on a tree earlier that day. It was a bit of a feeble gesture, so I said to myself on that day that I would name my band after them.” Years later, the name has still stuck around.

Felix Maya’s goal for the next 5 years is to continue welcoming talented musicians into the act and build around their core band until they can one day walk on stage as an orchestra. “Our aim is to elevate and lift people’s spirits and to do that takes skill, team work, authenticity and deep artistry”.


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