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Portland based duo The Flat Nines are back with their new single ‘No Hate’. An up-tempo, jazz and soul infused funk track, ‘No Hate’ is not only a demonstration of the duo’s inventive ideas and musical ability but also packs a hard-hitting message, a call for an end to the ongoing gun violence and police brutality in the US.

The duo explain: “This tune was written in response to the continued feeling of separation and division that plagued our lives prior to and during the pandemic. This includes gun violence, racism, political turmoil, and the mistreatment of African American people by the police.”

Bringing together funk-infused bass, drums and guitar topped with subtle synths and delicate wind and brass riffs, ‘No Hate’ blurs the lines between jazz, soul and funk expertly. Building a musically rich and exciting soundscape that ebbs and flows under the soft lead vocal, the track breaks out into a pinpoint guitar solo reinforcing the duo’s impeccable musicianship.

Flat Nines is on radio rotation with the track “No Hate”.

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