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Dr. John Kline is a psychologist and recording artist in Mobile, AL. He began playing music during his childhood in Montana, raised among the sheep and the dental floss, and has toured in a variety of bands during his adolescence and early adult life. He studied music and psychology in college, and later pursued graduate and post-doctoral scholarship in psychology.

After being transplanted to Mobile AL ending a decade as an academic gypsy, John opened a private practice and began to construct a 40 track digital audio recording studio in Mobile AL.  “The guiTARDIS” is his sanctuary where nerves can de-jangle and worries can be left outside. Improvisational / compositional music therapy soothes. It may also help combat anxiety and depression. Improvisational / compositional music therapy also seems to result in creative musical output.

John has dozens of scientific publications to his credit on topics ranging from neuroscience and unconscious cognition to adult personality and psychopathology. In addition to his work with The Music Therapy Experiment, he has released several solo albums including “Different Drummers” (2012) and “Rixile Elixir” (2023). He is a voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

He enjoys creating for its own sake, and encourages artists, scholars, armchair philosophers, poets, and musicians to be creative simply for the joy of it. John Kline is on radio rotation with the track “Agent of Change”, taken from the album “Rixile Elixir”.


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