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Santa Barbara music producer Fuzjn is living each day to the fullest, and as far as musical legacies go, he’s already building quite the one. With his Project 365, he’s releasing a song a day, every day, for a full year on Spotify, iTunes, and other platforms. The largely new-age project offers easy-listening moods — some quite gorgeously produced, with other explorations in tropical house and even singer/songwriter-type pieces — in a multigenre effort to break molds and break records. Guinness World Records has its eye on the project; the producer said: “I’ll have more songs out than Eagles or Lil Wayne in one year.”

In some respects, it’s an exploration in breaking down business models and modes of recording. “The album in today’s day and age is not a physical form,” he said. “It’s a project that’s an ever-evolving art piece, an open-ended album of open-source material. I want to demystify the stigma that it’s hard to create and put it out there,” said the prolific producer. “I’ve done it on a shoestring budget, working relentlessly and working smart.”

Fuzjn is on radio rotation with the songs:
Yacht Club, Day 8 (Project 365)
iTunes buy link:

Infinite Power | Day 80 | Project 365
iTunes buy link:

Social Links below:
Instagram: @fuzjn

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Press on Fuzjn and 365

Fuzjn • Spotify Artist Page

Fuzjn • iTunes Artist Page

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