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Stone White’s first performances were as a 5 year old standing on tables in the bar his mother worked at singing Elvis songs for candy tips. He started acting in junior high school and played in his first cover band in his late teens. Stone played in several bands singing old R&B, blues, country, 50’s music and rock. After a few years of singing in cover bands and writing songs he released an independent CD of all original songs called “Someday, Someway” that was voted best independent release in the Nashville Scene magazine reads poll.

Prompting the reviewer to write “Someday, Someway” is an eclectic blend of Southern Rock, Country Blues and Pop with a little something for everybody”. Stone was also voted third in the “Best Male Vocalist” category (behind Vince Gill and Garth Brooks) and third in “Best Songwriter” (behind Vince Gill and Bobby Green).

While playing clubs, he also acted in commercials and independent films, and started a theatre company. It quickly became obvious he was taking on too much, so Stone decided to focus his energy on the Theatre Company and independent films. But he missed his first love and returned to music. He went to work writing, recording and dancing; returning full circle to the music he first performed with bands – Blues, Rock, Funk and R&B/Soul; which has led to the release of two albums in three months, the all originals “Groove Thang” CD and the more bluesy “People Get Ready” covers CD .

Stone White is on radio rotation with the tracks “Get On Down” and “Higher Ground”.



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