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London-born, Sri Lankan-origin Gilska drops melancholic house track “Up Till 5,” weaving moody and mysterious vibe led by layers of electronic instrumentation and her husky vocal quality. With catchy, dance-worthy rhythms, the production is minimal yet effective having begun as a simple arrangement of verses and chorus written on the piano. With subtle synths framing the textured vocals, the track was given a dark edge with a haze that wraps around us in a transportive, atmospheric fashion. Lyrically, the track is self-reflective and observational exploring the urge to chase fleeting highs only to be hit by numbing lows once the rush of partying fades.

Gilska comments: “It’s almost like being stuck in a loophole of ending up in the club night after night not knowing why. Having a slight addiction to partying to get that dopamine rush to feel something, but slowly realising night after night it’s not working. How the lights, the drinks, and even the music sucks you in and you always end up feeling that same numbness after a temporary high but you keep on dancing anyway.”

Starting with classical training before finding her niche in edgy pop anthems, Gilska’s artistry has evolved into a soulful and hypnotic musical experience, rooted in sophisticated lyrics and captivating vocals. Her talent for pulling listeners into her intricate sonic world is natural and within her DNA. Taking after her grandfather – a famous pop star in Sri Lanka in his younger years – Gilska who began composing melodies at age nine has managed to build an impressive place for herself in dark pop aided by a magnetic stage presence.

From several performances including at the Wembley stadium for Voice in a Million from 2015-2017 to well-loved releases, Gilska is steadily moving forward in her path to stardom and there’s no stopping her. Gilska is on radio rotation with the track, “Up Till 5”.




1 thought on “Gilska – “Up Till 5”

  1. Congrats Gilska enjoyed the song
    Day one I new you will be world
    Famous shining star cos your singing style
    Is unique your inborn talents with your
    Melodies voice have a bright future
    Best of luck Rebecca Landersz
    Sri Lanka

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