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Trans-non-binary artist Giora (gi-or-a) releases latest single ‘Chrch’, following from their 2022 single ‘Tell Me’, Giora is back with a stirring new single taken from their upcoming debut album. A deeply personal track, ‘Chrch’ was written after Giora’s father passed away, the track acting as a hymn to the past. Chrch’ is a heartfelt track that blends elements of pop and electronica to create an experimental soundscape featuring dreamy synths and emotive piano lines which amplify Giora’s ethereal vocal performance, yearning for a future that breaks with the past.

Giora explains further “I had just moved back home to London from New York and shortly after, my dad died. I had this feeling of emptiness, so much had changed so quickly but I hadn’t felt the impact of those changes. And I was quick to pretend like I was ok with leaving so much behind. Not that the time was wasted; the love was not lost.”

Drawing on their classical background, Giora is a singer-songwriter and self-taught producer, blending pop, experimental and organic sounds to create dreamy and timeless journeys into their world. Their upcoming debut album is a reflection of this, the album features dark and dystopian nuances at once both futuristic and nostalgic, echoing Giora’s unique relationship with time.

This year, Giora will be showcasing their unique studio sound in a live setting, without compromising the ethereal and rarefied atmosphere of their electronic production. In addition to making and performing music, Giora is involved in many charitable activities including raising funds to provide access to healthcare within the trans community. Giora is on radio rotation with the track, “Chrch”.

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