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Stanislav Sedlacek, performing under stage name Goshok, is an independent Czech music producer, DJ and songwriter.Inspired by one of the greatest electronic dance music producer, Kygo, Goshok works hard to find independent music career as an EDM artist. Even though Stanislav prefers not to break down music to the specific genres, he claim that his music contains elements from genres like tropical house, pop and other subgenres that resides in electronic dance music.

His ultimate goal is to be the first music producer from Czechia, who performs on big shows like Tomorrowland, Coachella, Balaton Sound and more – on the main stage of the festivals. Besides his ultimate goal, Stanislav loves music and is passionate about making music, that people will enjoy listening to. Goshok works hard on new music to be released continuously through the year of 2022.

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