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A silky piano opens the scene. A whirling synth and powerful vocals may sound melancholic, but then the twist…the result is a hugely encapsulating modern day alt-pop song with its unexpected turns from minor to major.

KOKA is the solo project of artist Dora Koka. Born & partly raised in Albania, the Berlin-based musician left behind a successful Architecture- career to focus on her music: a 90s-inspired blend of alt-pop & emotional songwriting. Her music is a vessel of creative expression and personal healing.

One more time KOKA shows her audience, that they haven’t exploited her songwriting skills fully. Speaking further on the track, she says:

‘It’s dedicated to the people in our lives, whose incredible value will remain even when they are not around anymore.”

Having now released several singles, KOKA’s debut album drops on the 2nd of September 2022, in partnership with producers from Riverside Studios Berlin, and sponsored by Initiative Musik in Germany.

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