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Singer-Songwriter, Heather Whitney comes from an itty-bitty, one-red-light town deep in the pines of Southeast Texas, where the mosquitoes are big, but Heather’s love for music is bigger!

Heather’s debut album, “Moving on” is full of love, heartbreak, and moving on. This album is everything she has lived through, felt, and overcame, while in the studio. “Just because you’re working towards your dreams, doesn’t mean that the world stops spinning, and hardships won’t find you,” says Heather. “What gave me strength to complete my album, was knowing that I was not alone, & that someone else out there would hear these songs, relate to them, and possibly gain some healing like I did. We have to stick together.”

Heather spent the last year flying back and forth from Newton, TX to Nashville, TN, writing, hand-picking songs for the album, and recording with producer, Buddy Hyatt. She just wrapped and released her first music video for her single “Shut Up And Dance” and her album “Moving On” (Now available on ITunes)!

Heather’s video for “Shut Up and Dance” was a Jersey Shore Music and Film Festival and a Indie Best Films Festival  Selection.

“Everyone who was apart of this project was there because of their belief in me, and I’m forever humbled and thankful for them and this experience. Everything that I put into this album will absolutely translate to the listener! Hope y’all enjoy it!”

Video Link:

BRAND NEW SINGLE “What Part of Life,” written by Heather and produced by Buddy Hyatt, \is being released on September 8th, 2018.  It’s already on the New Music Weekly country charts!

Heather Whitney is on radio rotation “What Part of Life”

Official Website:


Instagram: @heatherwhitneymusic


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