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Jason Bortei-Doku, known by his stage name Herman Suede, discovered his passion for music at a tender age and embarked on a musical journey that has captivated audiences worldwide. Enrolled in classical piano lessons at just 5 years old, Herman’s innate musical talent paved the way for his extraordinary artistry. His love for the piano has significantly influenced his musical style, where he finds solace in composing melodies and crafting heartfelt songs.

Already making waves in the music industry, Herman Suede has been featured on Kumbaya’s New Music Friday and Fresh Finds, building an impressive online following with his mesmerising blend of afrobeats. With the release of his latest single, ‘Your Love,’ Suede aims to build on the momentum he has garnered already, with his vibrant and infectious sound.

‘Your Love’ seems to perfectly represent everything that Herman embodies as an artist; spirit, rhythm and happiness. He channels this energy into a positive and upbeat afropop and dancehall vibe, that is resonating and ever-present. Herman possesses a charisma in his vocals that ebbs and flows so lusciously with the rest of the track, with an inspiring message we all need to hear in today’s world more than ever.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind ‘Your Love,’ Herman shares: “I wrote this song when I was about 14 years old, centering it around my idea of what loving someone should feel like. Observing adults and the qualities that make love go round, I was inspired by my own teenage feelings about a person. Listening back to this record, I am reminded about the timelessness and universality of love, and I hope this song connects with anyone who has ever felt that way.”

HermanSuede’s musical exploration extends to varying genres, showcasing his versatility and artistry across afrobeat, afro pop, and rap. While he continues to evolve as an artist, his distinctive sound and genuine storytelling remain at the core of his craft.

As an emerging talent with a promising future, Herman Suede is set to make a significant impact on the music scene, captivating listeners with his enchanting vocals, infectious melodies, and heartfelt lyrics. ‘Your Love’ is a testament to his artistry, offering an uplifting and relatable experience that resonates with audiences of all ages.

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