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San Francisco based electronic duo Host Bodies share their vibrant new single ‘Techenoch’. Comparable to the likes of Bonobo, Maribou State and Mount Kimbie, the duo’s expansive electronic soundscapes are formed with a more ‘indie-electronic band’ mentality and identity rather than falling into the bracket of edm. Guitar solos over dance music, rap vocals over lush beats, harmonic synths over groovy bass loops — high energy, big emotion, raw creativity, performing the tracks as a duo on live instruments.

Since forming Host Bodies in 2013, founders James Collector and Nick Hess have been performing around the Bay Area and releasing original songs and remixes. Their debut LP “Daily Apparatus” offers a full-spectrum experience of the duo’s tastes and talents. Their follow-up EP “Diamondfruit” focused on melodic instrumentals engineered to calm and centre the listener. Now back with more material, the band are taking things to the next level.

The new single ‘Techenoch’ is a prime example of their work – bright, intricate, at times shredding guitar lines running over a swelling atmospheric, euphoric electronic soundscape. Mixed and mastered by Grammy nominated engineer Count Eldridge (also known for Tycho, Thievery Corporation, DJ Shadow, Run The Jewels) the track is as emotive and warming as it is danceable.

Speaking about the track, Host Bodies add: “How exactly does a riddle wrapped in an enigma become “Techenoch” the new indie dance single from Host Bodies? The track title’s cryptic portmanteau hints at hypnotic synth arpeggios and a conundrum of sub bass, but not until Nick Hess’ Stratocaster riff arrives like a revelation does it actually dawn on the listener: This is some real Da-Vinci-Code shit with funk guitar. If ancient technology has a soundtrack, Techenoch is that four-on-the-floor banger of prophecy. You may not have all the answers, but at least you can dance to the questions.”

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