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Hülya Friebe is a rare kind of an artist, she composes songs in three languages and works for peace and harmony between cultures, religions and peoples. Related to the music of the old poets who were inspired by the love of and to God — that God sends us love in our hearts. For many years, Hülya Friebe has been a female composer, song writer, singer and producer. Hülya’s songs are about love and growing together. She strives for bringing the two worlds together: the Orient and Occident, in harmony and a unifying sense of peace, freedom and multicultural diversity.

The subjects of her art works are mystic and include deep and meaningful songs which go to the bottom of one’s heart – she says “don’t think, just feel – feel your core, listen to the inner voice of your soul”. Check out her YouTube Channel or this song: “Butter Stone” – love melts anything even stones. Hülya Friebe’s “I’m so close to you”, “Pure energy” and many more songs on GooglePlay or iTunes, Deezer, etc.

Hülya Friebe is  on radio rotation with the tracks – “I’m So Close To You” and “Pure Energy”.

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