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The HUNKIES band was born in March 2017 near Rome, with the meeting between Simone Nisom (guitar and vocals), Daniele Imperioli (bass and background vocals) and Alessio Milana (drums). The three musicians expertly mix their blues, funk and rock influences to explore together new creative and sonic ways, with candor and determination in an intense and funny music. On September 21, 2023, the mini album entitled “HUNKIES” was released with the Radio Spia record label. “Try Not To Lose” is the third track of the album. The aim of the band is to create original songs in which listeners can reflect themselves, and to transmit universal messages believing that, every musician, with his music, produces a projection of himself, of his emotion and of his soul. HUNKIES are on radio rotation with the track “Try Not To Lose”.



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