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Internal Quiet is a heavy metal band from Poland formed by Slawomir Papis and Andrzej Kostrzewa in 2011. After successful extensive touring the band entered the studio in 2016 and recorded ‘When The Rain Comes Down’ album. The album was promoted during 40 shows tour with famous Polish band Turbo. It was named the album of the week and the album of the month, by various Polish radio stations. Until now they successfully toured Poland.

Internal Quiet stands for a mixture of hard rock, classic metal and melodic rock with blend of progressive rock. If you have Stratovarius, Queensrÿche, Pretty Maids and Journey on your list – you will surely like Internal Quiet. Currently the band members are working on their second album. Band members are: Slawomir Papis (lead guitar), Mateusz Stolowski (bass), Dominik Kalisz (guitar), Pawel Lachowicz (drums) and Maciej „Rocker” Wroblewski (vocals).

Internal Quiet is on radio rotation with the tracks, “Energy” and “Time To Fight”

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