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The Mind Parasites are the band from Northern Poland. The bunch of friends decided to start playing music together already in the 90’s. Since this was a side project for them, the leader of the band – Szogi (Piotr Depta) and his daughter decided in 21st century to re-create that band. A group of talented musicians with a passion to tribute classic and catastrophic movies got together and recorded first songs for their debut EP released on Case Studio label. It sold out instantly. With their full album to come soon they want to pay tribute with their music to their musical heroes and influential movies like “War of the Worlds” or “A Nightmare on Elm Street” just to name a few. They play heavy and classic trash metal.

The band members are: Piotr Depta (Szogi) – lead guitar, Bartosz Zielinski (Rankor) – guitar, Jacek Zielinski (Vekten) – bass, Piotr Karpisz – drums and Sabina Depta (Alison Hell) – vocals.

The Mind Parasites is on radio rotation with the tracks “Under The Surface” and “The Day After Tomorrow”


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