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The band INTUITS presents their new track ‘Stay With Me,’ which will undoubtedly resonate with everyone who loves intellectual and contemporary popular music. The song has an extraordinary story and was written under the impression of the frontman of the band, the author, and performer Artem Karapetyan’s first visit to China: ‘I wrote this song under the influence of undivided love. But at the same time, I was inspired by the city of Hangzhou. The lyrics of the song also came unusually: I went for a walk in the mountains and wrote the text in just a few minutes at the top,’ Artem explains.

This happened in 2022, but the track was finally recorded only recently, at the end of 2022. However, Artem and his project partners are certain that now is the perfect time for people to hear this track: ‘This song has a clear message — make life simpler yet wiser. Follow your life path. It is extremely important to understand this because we are currently living in radically extreme times,’ the guys from INTUITS share.

The idea of the INTUITS project appeared back in 2016. At that time, the founder of the band, Artem Karapetyan, was on the golden beach of the Samara River. Afterwards, Artem started writing songs, traveling the world, gaining new impressions, and experiences that transformed into lyrics and notes. In 2021, the first trio of people gathered, and concert activities began. Currently, the Intuits project consists of a frontman vocalist-instrumentalist, a bass guitarist, and a drummer. The team plans to release new singles, an album, and perform new concerts.

You can become a part of the formation of the new Ukrainian music scene too. The track ‘Stay With Me’ by INTUITS is already available on all streaming platforms:

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