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‘haunting and captivating’ –

‘exquisite R&B with engaging hooks and undeniable lightness’ – Conversations about Her

‘In a music industry oversaturated with bass-heavy, autotuned tracks, it’s refreshing to hear an artist like Nnoa.’- lefuturewave

‘captivating vocal skills stroking your eardrums’ – Jansens Jamz

Nnoa releases sexy mysterious new single ‘Your Fantasy’. Austrian Pop/R&B sensation Nno released her new single “Your Fantasy” on November 17, 2023. Described as a smooth, upbeat, sexy, and mysterious pop R&B track, the song explores the theme of fantasy with lyrics like ‘”tell me about your fantasy, I bet that girl she looks like me.”

Nnoa, now based in Mannheim, Germany, garnered significant support as a promising newcomer from the Austrian Music Fund even before her debut release. Her journey began with the chart-topping debut single “Lazy” in 2021, featured on Austria’s influential indie radio station, radioFM4. The momentum continued with her debut EP “Kinks & Queens” in May 2022, live performances in Austria and beyond, and airplay on national and international platforms such as SWR3, Deutschlandfunk, and Radio Puls.

Nnoa’s distinct sound combines a myriad of musical influences, blending R&B, Soul, Funk, and her four-year jazz singer training. Her upcoming debut album, “highs & heartbreaks,” slated for release on November 17th 2023, promises an exceptional musical experience. The artist is set to tour GSA throughout 2024, bringing her unique blend of genres to a wider audience.

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed artists such as H.E.R, SZA, Amy Winehouse, Noga Erez, Remi Wolf, and Tom Misch, Nnoa effortlessly navigates various genres and aesthetics in her music

Known for her ability to infuse serious and heavy topics with infectious melodies and a sense of lightness, Nnoa’s live shows are a sensory delight. With power, fun, and an irresistible energy, Nnoa invites her audience to dance along, making her a rising star in the world of Pop and R&B

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About Nnoa: From music to detours and back to music. That’s how one could roughly describe Nnoa’s life. Surrounded by a very musical family, music has been a constant part of Nnoa’s life since day one. At the age of 6, she started taking lessons at the music school in her hometown, learning to sing, play the piano and guitar, and at the age of only 7, she performed in her first musical.

At the age of about 16, she started to write her own songs and composed already then in a style strongly influenced by Soul and RnB. However, after completing high school, Nnoa found herself overwhelmed by society’s classical expectations and decided to relegate music to a hobby while studying economics in Innsbruck.

Studies completed, Nnoa’s yearning for music was greater than ever. So in 2016, she began her first artistic degree in Vienna and was admitted to a state university just a year later. She quickly established herself as a much sought-after vocalist, first becoming the lead singer of the Buckner Big Band (jazz), with whom she toured South Africa and Mozambique twice, and later the new frontwoman of the neo-swing/electro band Deladap. Through these engagements, Nnoa not only gained international touring and festival experience but also honed her vocal versatility and performance quality.

In 2020, her former management took notice of her, leading Nnoa to her first independent release, her debut EP, with significant music funding from Austria and beyond. Since September 2022 Nnoa lives in Mannheim (D), working entirely independently and eagerly writing her debut album, yearning for even bigger stages.

When asked about the origin of her name, she answers, “I dreamt of it. I often have very vivid visual dreams, and suddenly the name was in front of me and stuck in my mind ever since. So, I googled it.” As fate would have it, the root of her name (“Noa”) in Hebrew, among other meanings, signifies “the moving one“. ” “It couldn’t have been a better fit!” she says with a smile.

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