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James Kinney the creator of Jaymz Dare music, grew up on synths and piano and electronic explorations. Jayms has written for bands such as “Julien- K”, “ERTH”, “All Clear Kid” and “CV-IN”, also available on Qobuz.

Jaymz has played with the platinum selling group Orgy, on their Album ‘Vapor Transmission’.  He has written and performed on “BMX” bike hero, “Bob Haro” (Factor Of One). San Diego’s band and song of the year 1986. His 80s “New Wave” band “ERTH”.

“CV-IN” EDM music composer. Jaymz Dare is looking to emerge as an artist to showcase talents and connect to a global audience. Jaymz Dare invites all to follow the path of Music. Jaymz Dare is on radio rotation with the track “Midnight Waves”.


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