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‘The Ruben’ or Ruben Simonsen, is a North Norwegian singer-songwriter with a passion for pop and electronic music. Hailing from the city of Northern Lights, Ruben has developed a captivating, melodic style with a charismatic edge, and his dynamic vocal range is nothing short of impressive.

Ruben’s love for music began at just 6 years old, when he started recording his singing on a cassette player. Fast forward to today, Ruben is continuously writing and producing music, always pushing his boundaries to new heights.

After a break during the pandemic, Ruben travelled to Berlin in August of 2022 to collaborate with the renowned producer, Julian Laping aka “Toneaffair,” resulting in two fresh tracks. From January 2023, Ruben will be working on solo projects as well as collaborating with other producers in Norway.

The Ruben is set to release his first round of singles late 2023 , featuring all-new material that showcases his exceptional talent and versatility. The Ruben is on radio rotation with the track “A Friend”.

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