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 Jhaga, a rapper singer songwriter from South San Francisco California, best known for his dynamic and unpredictable style. He combines the grittiness and reality of classic hip hop with a modern twist which gives a new direction to the evolution of hip hop culture. Jhaga’s music is inclusive and constructive yet honest and reflective.

 The purpose of Jhaga is to empower those in the struggle with seemingly no way out. Rising up from homelessness and nearly every odd stacked against him, he wishes to expose through music, the true potential and power that we hold as living beings with the responsibility of choice.

Jhaga claims Jaguar Line of Oombunqtwu lineage which is built upon the principles of Loyalty, honesty discipline, integrity, balance, perseverance and stamina. He has chosen to show himself as such in order to help affect a change. Some of the main goals are to push for a restoration of balance to the environment through a shift of priority and lifestyle for the benefit of all life.

Also, to empower people, especially the oppressed peoples, to unite and take a place of respect in society. And last, to revive the culture and traditional wisdom of our ancestors, and bring it to the forefront to work alongside and guide modern innovation.

Jhaga is on radio rotation with the tracks “Simple Things” and “Tea Leaves”.


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