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Crystal Wood (aka Lyric) is a solo independent artist. Lyric is a rapper, singer-songwriter, and performer. She was an Air Force brat her entire childhood. Lyric was born in Madrid Spain (Torrejòn) and lived in Missouri, Tokyo Japan, Maryland, Washington DC, and Tucson, Arizona. Her mother passed away when she was 8 years old due to a drug overdose despite being a young, educated woman in the military. Lyric was raised by her father, who was also in the Air Force.

After the passing of her mother, her father remarried and Lyric was raised by her stepmother who was from Tokyo. She has lived in Tucson for 18 years since February 2004. Lyric is 33 years old, has three children, and went to Pima Community College for Business Management.

Lyric has also been an exotic dancer since 2008, she teaches Pole fitness, has an essential oils business, and has the goal of running a community garden and a wellness center that doubles as a venue to support local artists and to better the community. Lyric & Jinxed are on radio rotation with the track “Ooh La La La” ft. Constantine.


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