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Kalysta’s singing will touch your heart making her an enviable and admirable singer. Her voice has been described at times as angelic and magical. Darrel Riggs agent for Access Entertainment Group said “I like her mostly because of her amazing, distinguishable and remarkable vocals. Her choice of song is extraordinary and whenever I listen to her sing, it gives me chills.”

Darrel Riggs, agent for Access Entertainment Group, discovered Kalysta at a Winterfest and suggested to James Bruce owner “that we consider her talent for future projects, she is an unbelievable talent for her age”. After several meetings with Kalysta’s parents, Kim and Glenn Minton, all have agreed that this contract is in the best interest for her music career.

Kalysta has had the privilege of performing at the Clinton County Fair, Brown County Fair, Clermont County Fair, The Famous Murphy Theater and has appeared on Channel 4 News in Nashville Tennessee! Kalysta has also performed at the famous Horse Drawn Carriage Parade in Lebanon, Ohio, the Rising Star Casino in Rising Sun, Indiana, and at the famous Tootsies Lounge in Nashville. Other accomplishments include a performance at Cincinnati’s Famous Dinner Club, Jim n Jacks on The River and entertained at the Community Arts Theatre, Fairfield, Ohio for their 60th Anniversary of the City! The Mayor just loved her!

Kalysta is currently backed by a band of 4 musicians from Nashville, Tennessee. Kalysta’s band was hand-picked by John Pineiro owner of Perfect Image Recording who recorded 8 songs of Kalysta’s debut CD. At times she is backed by another band from Nashville headed up by Gary Sadker who produced 3 of her songs on the current Cd. Kalysta will perform either as a solo artist using the Boise Sound System or with her band. Kalysta is signed to Spotlight Records of Nashville, Tennessee.

Kalysta is on radio rotation with the track – “Baby Girl”


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